The Ultimate Home Safety Guide

home safetyFrom burglaries to floods to fires, there are a variety of events that can put your household, your belongings, and your family in danger. Taking the proper preventative measures like rolling shutters englewood installments, can help protect you and your family during times of crisis. This article will explore methods to assist you in protecting your home and maintain your piece of mind when disaster strikes.

Preventing Burglary: The Basics

1. Lock your doors and your windows
Although it won’t stop someone from breaking in, it will make it harder for them and might deter them from trying to get into your house in the first place. Make sure to lock your doors and windows whenever you are going to be leaving your house as well as when you go to bed.

2. Keep lights on when you leave
A dark house might signal to some that the house is vacant. By leaving on some of your lights, it will give off the illusion that someone is in the house, which will make it less likely to be broken into.

3. Prevent your mail from building up
Having a large stack of mail sitting on your porch or in the mailbox is a signal to thieves that the family is most likely on vacation. Ask a neighbor or a family member to take your mail inside if you plan on being gone for a while.

4. Buy fake alarm stickers
If you don’t want to buy an alarm system, you can purchase stickers that make people think that you have an alarm system. It’s just as effective as having an alarm system without the cost. Remember to place these stickers on windows and walls that are visible from the street in order for them to be the most effective.

5. Don’t post your absence on social media
Letting the internet know that you aren’t going to be home isn’t the wisest decision to make if you’re looking to protect your home. Limit the people you tell to close friends and family members.

6. Keep spare keys in less obvious places
If you keep your spare key inside a fake rock or underneath your welcome mat, you might want to consider moving it. People looking to break in will most likely check these places first before attempting to forcefully break in. Don’t give them the luxury of using a key.

7. Eliminate all places in which thieves can hide
People that are trying to break in your house will have an easier time doing so in a dimly lit yard or in a yard with a lot of leafy cover. Put lights outside and trim down bushes and trees to keep thieves from concealing themselves from watchful eyes.

8. Keep your car in the garage
Leaving your car on the street or in the driveway will allow thieves to learn about your schedule and will let them know when you’re not home. If you keep your car in the garage when you’re home, it will create doubt about your presence in the house.

home safety9. Purchase a safe
Buying a safe, preferably a heavy, large one, will allow you to keep your valuables safe even if your home is broken into. The bigger the safe and the more difficult the lock, the better chance you will have to protect your possessions.

10. Buy a paper shredder
Storing documents in an easy to find place will make it easier for thieves to learn more about you and possibly steal your identity. Having a paper shredder for documents with sensitive information that you don’t need anymore will prevent them from doing this.