Defense Against Burglary

Advanced Methods to Defend Against Burglary

burglars1. Installing a home security system
Home security systems are the next level of protection should thieves make it past simple methods and get into your homes. Some home security systems are basic, giving you an alarm that will begin to go off should your home be broken into and the password not entered in time. Others, however, include extra protection such as high safety doors ,  good cameras to monitor your home and sensors to alert you when someone is in the house. Several highly respected home security companies include Frontpoint, ADT, and Protect America. Research all of the security companies and purchase the security system that best suits you.

2. Light and electronic timers
Automatic light timers give you the ability to turn on certain lights at times of your choosing. There are also timers like these that can turn on televisions and close drapes and curtains to make it seem as if someone is home.

3. Replace weak strike plates
Weak strike plates are often the reason that thieves can enter the house with only a firm kick to the door. Replace these weak plates with heavy duty strike plates to prevent your doors from being broken down.

4. Install high-quality locks
Purchase locks with an ANSI grade 1 rating, an anti-saw pin and an anti-drill feature, and a steel casing. This will prevent thieves from trying to saw, drill, or bust through your door.

5. Reinforce your windows
Windows that are easily breakable can be reinforced with a security film. Another thing you can do is replace your old windows with double-glazed or toughened glass, which is much harder to break through and will block out noise.

6. Install stops on your windows
If you have windows that a thief would be able to open, you can install stops on them in order to prevent them from being opened too far. They are easy to install as well as remove and are available for as little as $2.

Home Control Smart Phone Monitoring7. Install track-blockers
Patio doors are one of the easiest ways to get into a house, especially if you’ve accidentally left them unlocked. You can buy track blockers, or you could put a simple wooden/metal rod, to keep the door from opening all the way even if you’ve left your door unlocked.

8. Use a security system that can be accessed by a mobile app
Plenty of home security companies allow their customers to access their security systems through smartphone apps. This will allow you to lock certain doors or view your security feed at any time of the day. This option is great for those who might not be home all the time but who still want to know what’s going on in their house.