Earthquake Safety

1. Secure items that would most likely fall in the event of an earthquake
Identify items in your home that are susceptible to falling during an earthquake and secure them. There are several different putties out there that secure objects to the ground and the wall to prevent them from thrashing around and causing harm during an earthquake. You can also use nails and screws to secure objects to walls and floors.

Door Depot Inc2. Store necessary food and documents in a convenient location
Make sure to store food, water, clothes, important documents, and other such important things in a convenient location so that way you can quickly reach it should you find yourself in the midst of an earthquake. This way, they are ready to go when the trembling stops.

3. Know what to do when an earthquake happens
If an earthquake strikes, take cover under a table or another flat surface, tuck your body in, protect your head and hold onto the leg of the table. Resist the urge to run outside, stand near glass, or position yourself under a doorway, as these actions could lead to severe injury. You have a better chance of surviving an earthquake if you remain under a table where you are safe from falling debris and will remain safe should the building collapse around you.