Hurricane/Flood Safety

flooding1. Have a bug-out bag handy
A bug-out bag is a bag full of essentials that one would need to survive should they find themselves facing a disaster. If you expect a flood to happen in your area, make sure that you have a bag of items ready for when the flood strikes. A bug-out bag should include essentials such as an emergency fund, food/water, personal documents. If you think you’re going to need it, you should most likely pack it. In the event of a hurricane, have the same type of supplies ready in your household but in larger quantities so that you are ready to survive for days at a time when the hurricane strikes.

2. Move your special belongings to the higher floors
If a flood is coming, the lower levels of your house are most likely to be the ones taking all of the damage. If you are expecting a flood, move your furniture and valuable to the higher levels of the house, which have rolling shutters englewood, to keep them from being damaged or whisked away by the floodwaters. Also, anything outside that you want to keep should be brought in as well.

3. Stay inside
This rule only pertains to hurricanes. If a hurricane is heading into your area and you haven’t been instructed to evacuate, head into a higher room of the house to prepare for the oncoming storm. Also, make sure that the room you are staying in has windows fitted with hurricane shutters to protect you from flying debris. If you don’t have hurricane shutter installed but a hurricane is happening, protect the windows by using plywood or another strong material that would work just as well.

flooding4. Be prepared to evacuate and head to higher ground
If a flood warning is issued, make sure that you are packed and ready to leave your home when and if necessary. Also, head to higher ground and avoid water at all costs. Very little water is required to sweep you and your car away and into the flood. If your car gets stuck in the middle of rising waters, get out of it immediately and find somewhere safe. Staying in the car will cause more harm than good.

5. Examine your home before entering
Loose power lines, gas, wild animals, cracks in the foundation of the house, and contaminated water are all things you can expect after a flood takes place. Make sure to examine the inside and the outside of your house for all of these things before attempting to clean up or stay in the building. If a hurricane has ended, make sure to check for loose power lines and avoid these as well.